Duke Nukem Forev— err, I mean Lupin III vs Detective Conan – The Movie

We’re finally back in business, and to celebrate here’s the crossover Lupin vs Conan movie!
A mysterious thief seeking jewels leads to an international incident for Conan as Lupin drops in for a visit once again.
Probably would’ve been out two months ago if my hospitalisation back in late June hadn’t thrown the whole group out of whack.
We’ve also got a bumper batch of TV episodes coming very soon, and we’ll be devoting our efforts on catching up as soon as we can.
On that note, we’re looking to recruit an editor to help our releases be even better, so we’re looking for any applicants.

1080: Mega, Torrent
720: Mega, Torrent
SD: Mega

Bad news

Puto here — speaking on my own behalf and not really the team’s, just to give you a basic rundown of something.

Yesterday at 7 AM, I suddenly started coughing copious amounts of blood and got a high fever. I went to the hospital  and I was told I had a respiratory infection, and that this was caused due to a mass that was squeezing my lungs. Because of this, I will first need to get the infection treated, and then I will need surgery to remove the mass in question. Because of this, I’m going to be stuck in the hospital for an indeterminate amount of time (hopefully not too long) and this will unfortunately delay our releases. My sincere apologies, and I hope to get back soon.


Status Update— oh and Doraemon

So as witnessed by the comments, I’m sure many of you guys are wondering what’s been going on with us. Here’s the deal— I’m sure I’ve stated this before, but we’re a small group. We only have one full-time translator (bluesun) who’s capable of dealing with the complex language used in Detective Conan (trust me, it ain’t easy), though there are others who sometimes help out when they have time (and for that I am very thankful)— therefore, when he’s busy with real life like university exams, as has been the case in the past few weeks, we inevitably slow down. It’s just how things work.

Anyway, the current status is that the main project that we’re working on is Lupin vs. Conan the Movie, for which a chinese hardsub has been floating around for a few days. We’re trying to avoid a repeat of the Movie 17 situation where we took way too long to get the translation done and the regular episodes suffered too much as a result— Having one translator bouncing back and forth between a movie and weekly episodes ended up resulting in a really fast burnout and neither actually getting finished last time, so the only solution is to just get the movie translated as quickly as we can so he can go back to working on episodes. So that’s the status, and we’re aiming for a release in early June, though I make no promises.

And since status update announcements without anything are boring, Licca and I whipped up a 7-minute Doraemon short to give you guys since Doraemon is really easy to translate.

Doraemon 236 ‘What’ll happen at 7 PM?’: Zippy, Mega, Torrent




Conan Movie 17 1080p v3

Apparently there was a serious issue with the subtitle track in the 1080p version. Let’s fix that. (720p and SD were fine)

Mega, Torrent, Patch

This is the first time I’ve ever done a patch file for a sub, so my apologies if I screwed it up in any way.


Tenkai Knights 01

I don’t usually post new releases here, but this one’s mostly in my hand…

Didn’t want to kill the Conan momentum, but I should get this out before it rots on the vine.

Most of the Conan crew was NOT involved in this release.  Different translator as well.

DDL: Zippy (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
BT: Torrent


Conan Quadruple Release of Extra Hype

So we’ve just had a Conan triple release, so time to calm down a little, right? Wrong. Here’s a quadruple release.

Detective Conan 737: ‘The Suspicious Walking Path’

HD: Zippy (P1, P2), Mega, Torrent

The episode that aired this week. Features a new ending theme, too!

Detective Conan 170 & 171: ‘The Blind Spot in the Darkness’

A redo of an old case that we’d been working for months and finally finished it off.

HD: Zippy (P1, P2), Mega (P1, P2), Torrent

Detective Conan Movie 17 version 2 — in HD

This was long, long overdue due to issues due to typesetting. We’re definitely going to scale down typesetting for the next movie in order to avoid such an enormous delay next time! Since this release got improvements in both translation and typesetting, we’re releasing a new SD version as well. Unfortunately since these files are rather… enormous, we’re not providing Zippy links because it would imply having over 40 links for this one release — it’s just too impractical.

1080p: Mega, Torrent (1080 has issues, get the v3 instead)
720p: Mega, Torrent
SD: Mega, Torrent


Conan Triple Release of Tripledness and Hype

So yeah. We’ve been taking way too long recently. To hopefully make up for that, we’re giving you three releases of Conan at once, one of them being an important one-hour special!

Detective Conan 718: ‘A Devilish Cycle’

HD: Zippy (P1, P2), Mega

Detective Conan 734: ‘Jodie’s Memories and the Flower Viewing Trap’ — 1 hour special!

HD: Zippy (P1, P2, P3, P4), Mega

Detective Conan 735: ‘A Coded Invitation’ — Movie 18 Side Story

HD: Zippy (P1, P2), Mega


The torrent has all three episodes. As usual, the SD versions will take a little longer to come out. Enjoy!

Upcoming releases— Movie 17 HD should be coming out very soon now. Additionally, some other members of the group are working on another show (though I myself am not involved in it), and of course we’re still working on catching up to the Conan episodes we haven’t released yet. Look forward to it!


Detective Conan 714 + Mushiking 1

Detective Conan 714

Have some more vampires while we keep struggling on with episode 734.

HD: Zippy (P1, P2), Mega, Torrent
SD: Coming at some point in the far future

Mushiking 1

Okay, first off, let’s take care of the giant elephant in the room first: This show is being translated by somebody who has never translated Conan, is not translating Conan and has zero interest in ever translating Conan. Just putting that out there to head off any complaints saying stuff like ‘no wonder you’re taking so long with Conan’.

This release also includes the Portuguese dub as an extra because I like it. Special thanks to Cesm1980 for the Portuguese audio and to jmaeshawn of Kienai for renting the DVDs for us.

Download: Zippy, Mega, Torrent


Detective Conan Movie 18 90 second Trailer

We were actually gonna release this along with 732, but then I kind of forgot to post the trailer, and been putting it off since. Here it is.

Mega, Zippy, YouTube[EDIT: Blocked for copyright], Dailymotion

And since apparently there have been questions about this, yes, of course we’re doing both this movie and the Lupin crossover movie. You shouldn’t even have to ask this =P


Detective Conan 732 ‘The Ex-Boyfriend Living Next to a Crime Scene (Part II)’

‘Why do the fans hate me so much?!’

HD: Zippy (P1, P2), Mega, Torrent
SD: Mega