Detective Conan – 750 – The Man Betrayed by the Sea

Even at the seaside, Conan just can’t avoid trouble.
Huge, HUGE thanks to jmaeshawn for translating this. This release wouldn’t have happened any time soon if not for him.

Downloads: MEGA, Torrent

P.S. We’re looking for translators, timers and experienced typesetters. If you’re interested in applying, send an e-mail to

v0: Detective Conan 162 ‘The Flying Locked Room! Shin’ichi Kudō’s First Case’

Here’s another sub that’s been held back for ages because of TLC–this sub was actually started in June… June 2012, that is!


Download: Mega, Torrent

Hope you enjoy it!


Introducing: M-L v0 Releases

We’re gonna try something a little different.

As I mentioned before in the comments, our translator’s PC died a few weeks ago. This has not changed. Even before this, though, he was extremely busy. In addition to the Conan episodes and specials that are waiting on him to translate (which includes 753, Conan Edogawa Disappears and Happy New Year Kogorō), a very large amount of old episodes that only need translation checking has been piling up on him dating back two years now, which has been constantly put off due to being low-priority—on translations that are usually actually already pretty solid and would likely only get a few lines changed to fix minor inaccuracies! As such, we’re trying a new concept: v0 releases—basically a ‘beta version’ of sorts of an M-L sub—the subtitles are complete and fully translated, but a couple lines here and there might be slightly off as it didn’t go through the full and thorough TLC and QC process that M-L releases typically do. Honestly though, most of you probably won’t even notice any difference.

So, what exactly are going to be releasing as our first M-L v0 release? Two specials that I hope you all enjoy.

Detective Conan 219 ‘Detectives, Assemble! Shin’ichi Kudō vs. Kaitō Kid’: Mega, Torrent

This release actually includes an extended scene featuring Akako, featured in the bonus DVD that was packed with Magic Kaito vol.4. Many thanks to Skyechan for getting us this footage!

Detective Conan 304 ‘Trembling Police HQ! Twelve Million Hostages’: Mega, Torrent



Detective Conan Movie 18 HD

Since our translator’s PC is STILL down, let’s go ahead and release the one thing that actually DOESN’T need a translator.

Note: A significant amount of shots in this release were upscaled from the Korean dub to get rid of the Japanese hardsubs whenever characters speak in English. There will be a v2 of this much later down the road when the movie gets a Blu-ray release that doesn’t have those hardsubs (most likely in Germany next year).

1080: Torrent, Mega
720: Torrent, Mega


Detective Conan 740-741 + Tactical Officer Jiban 1

It’s been a long time coming, but here’s two more episodes of Conan.
And for an extra surprise, the first episode of Tactical Officer Jiban.
It’s part of the Metal Hero tokusatsu series that aired in the 80s to 90s.
We’re also urgently looking for good translators, typesetters, and editors to help speed up our recent pace of releases.

Conan: 740 Mega, 741 Mega, Torrent
Jiban: Mega, Torrent


Digimon Adventure The Movie HD

So while our translator is hopelessly busy with real life (that’s why the Conan stuff is taking so long), we managed to get him to give a the first Digimon Adventure movie a quick TLC (the movie’s dialogue is ridiculously basic, so we got this done in like 2 days). The video is from the recently released Blu-ray, whereas the audio is from the DVD because the BD audio is actually significantly worse than the DVD’s somehow (no idea how that happened, Toei are hopelessly incompetent). No, we’re not dropping the Conan stuff, our translator’s just absurdly busy with real life problems and devoting what little time he has left to doing Magic Kaito for FFF. And yes, we intend to do the other Digimon movies too, though not necessarily in order.

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Detective Conan Ending 49

Here’s a sub we threw together of the latest ED, which aired for the first time yesterday. Note that the episode-specific portion of this ending includes spoilers for ‘Fugitive: Kogorō Mouri’, the NotTV special from several months ago which got a re-airing on NTV yesterday. If you plan on watching that, you might want to hold off on checking out the new ending. We’ve also been working away on the 20th Anniversary Special, which should be coming soon.
Back in November, we mentioned plans to sub the episodes of Detective Conan being released on Blu-ray, but now they’re released, it turns out they’re just SD upscales—meaning there’s no real upgrade over the DVDs—so that plan’s cancelled.

Zippy, Mega


Detective Conan – Movie 19 Short Trailer

So, the first trailer to the next Conan movie is coming out tomorrow. Hope you’re all hyped up for it. We’ll be sure to get it subtitled as soon as possible—oh screw it, we’ll let you have it right now. Enjoy this early release.

Download, Dailymotion Stream


Detective Conan 752

So, as you may know, there’s been some great news for Conan fans.
Detective Conan has been picked up by Crunchyroll, and episodes 754-758 are available now — New episodes are available on Tuesdays at 8 PM GMT!

What does this mean for us? Well, they do a good job, they’re respected, and they’re official. As such, we won’t be touching any episodes that Crunchyroll licenses.
Of course, we’ll still work on everything else, to give you the best viewing experience available.

Speaking of which…

Detective Conan 752 — The Case of the Beckoning Calico Cat (Part II)

Torrent, Mega
Is this where the tale of Captain Taii comes to a point?

Upcoming months are also set to bring plenty of feature-length projects with the Blu-ray release of Dimensional Sniper, the Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Days Ever Xmas TV special, and episodes 128-129 which are set to be released on Blu-ray, remastered in HD for the first time!

Also, Crunchyroll doesn’t usually subtitle opening or ending songs, so we’ll keep releasing subbed versions of those.

Opening 39 — Dynamite

Next Ending: ‘Lies for you’ from VALSHE, in January.


Magic Kaito 1412 – 01 – The Rebirth of Kaitō Kid

A phantom thief is never early or late, because he always steals the show!
Kaito has a discovery to make in the first episode of the remade Magic Kaito 1412!

We subtitled this episode because the translation was already finished, however we’re probably not going to subtitle further episodes of this series, as our friends at FFF are giving it a 5-star treatment, and we still have a ton of shows backlogged. Sorry to anybody who was waiting on us — we suggest you should follow FFF’s releases instead. We finished this release because I didn’t want bluesun’s translation to go to waste.

Mega, Torrent