Detective Conan – Movie 19 Short Trailer

So, the first trailer to the next Conan movie is coming out tomorrow. Hope you’re all hyped up for it. We’ll be sure to get it subtitled as soon as possible—oh screw it, we’ll let you have it right now. Enjoy this early release.

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Detective Conan 752

So, as you may know, there’s been some great news for Conan fans.
Detective Conan has been picked up by Crunchyroll, and episodes 754-758 are available now — New episodes are available on Tuesdays at 8 PM GMT!

What does this mean for us? Well, they do a good job, they’re respected, and they’re official. As such, we won’t be touching any episodes that Crunchyroll licenses.
Of course, we’ll still work on everything else, to give you the best viewing experience available.

Speaking of which…

Detective Conan 752 — The Case of the Beckoning Calico Cat (Part II)

Torrent, Mega
Is this where the tale of Captain Taii comes to a point?

Upcoming months are also set to bring plenty of feature-length projects with the Blu-ray release of Dimensional Sniper, the Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Days Ever Xmas TV special, and episodes 128-129 which are set to be released on Blu-ray, remastered in HD for the first time!

Also, Crunchyroll doesn’t usually subtitle opening or ending songs, so we’ll keep releasing subbed versions of those.

Opening 39 — Dynamite

Next Ending: ‘Lies for you’ from VALSHE, in January.


Magic Kaito 1412 – 01 – The Rebirth of Kaitō Kid

A phantom thief is never early or late, because he always steals the show!
Kaito has a discovery to make in the first episode of the remade Magic Kaito 1412!

We subtitled this episode because the translation was already finished, however we’re probably not going to subtitle further episodes of this series, as our friends at FFF are giving it a 5-star treatment, and we still have a ton of shows backlogged. Sorry to anybody who was waiting on us — we suggest you should follow FFF’s releases instead. We finished this release because I didn’t want bluesun’s translation to go to waste.

Mega, Torrent


Detective Conan Movie 18 — The Dimensional Sniper

A sniper with skills in another dimension throws all of Tōkyō into disarray with bullets that seem to always hit their mark…
Within Pandora’s box, a case awaits with shock revelations for Conan as the movie series surpasses the manga plot for the first time!
Also on the Conan front, 752-753 should be rumbling in soon, then drizzles of catchup releases are forecast.

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Magic Kaito 1412 Preview

Here’s the preview to the Magic Kaito 1412 series that aired with the final episode of Kindaichi R. Enjoy!

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Detective Conan – Sextuple Release

Here’s the first of our catch-up batches as we shave off a third of our Conan backlog.
In this batch, two billionaires, a bar, and the sun and moon all have cases waiting for Detective Conan!

We’ve also got the newest episode ready to go, with a case brought in by a calico cat.
From now on, we’ll be trying to stay up to date with the most current episodes while also chipping away at the backlog.

To answer some questions about our future plans:
Yes, we’ll be releasing the 18th Conan movie, Dimensional Sniper, once the DVD is out.
We’ll also be taking up Magic Kaito 1412 as long as it doesn’t get simulcast, so either way, you can look forward to the launch of the Gōshō Aoyama Mystery Hour from the 4th of October.
We’ve got various episodes of the Conan backlog being worked on already, and will be plugging up the rest of the holes when we can.

733 ‘The Wedding Banquet and the Two Gunshots’: Mega
736 ‘The Secret of the Kogorō Mouri Statues’: Mega
738 ‘Kogorō in the Bar (Part I)’: Mega
739 ‘Kogorō in the Bar (Part II)’: Mega
743 ‘Two Overlapping Coincidences’: Mega
751 ‘The Case of the Beckoning Calico Cat (Part I)’: Mega
Batch Torrent


Duke Nukem Forev— err, I mean Lupin III vs Detective Conan – The Movie

We’re finally back in business, and to celebrate here’s the crossover Lupin vs Conan movie!
A mysterious thief seeking jewels leads to an international incident for Conan as Lupin drops in for a visit once again.
Probably would’ve been out two months ago if my hospitalisation back in late June hadn’t thrown the whole group out of whack.
We’ve also got a bumper batch of TV episodes coming very soon, and we’ll be devoting our efforts on catching up as soon as we can.
On that note, we’re looking to recruit an editor to help our releases be even better, so we’re looking for any applicants.

1080: Mega, Torrent
720: Mega, Torrent
SD: Mega


Bad news

Puto here — speaking on my own behalf and not really the team’s, just to give you a basic rundown of something.

Yesterday at 7 AM, I suddenly started coughing copious amounts of blood and got a high fever. I went to the hospital  and I was told I had a respiratory infection, and that this was caused due to a mass that was squeezing my lungs. Because of this, I will first need to get the infection treated, and then I will need surgery to remove the mass in question. Because of this, I’m going to be stuck in the hospital for an indeterminate amount of time (hopefully not too long) and this will unfortunately delay our releases. My sincere apologies, and I hope to get back soon.


Status Update— oh and Doraemon

So as witnessed by the comments, I’m sure many of you guys are wondering what’s been going on with us. Here’s the deal— I’m sure I’ve stated this before, but we’re a small group. We only have one full-time translator (bluesun) who’s capable of dealing with the complex language used in Detective Conan (trust me, it ain’t easy), though there are others who sometimes help out when they have time (and for that I am very thankful)— therefore, when he’s busy with real life like university exams, as has been the case in the past few weeks, we inevitably slow down. It’s just how things work.

Anyway, the current status is that the main project that we’re working on is Lupin vs. Conan the Movie, for which a chinese hardsub has been floating around for a few days. We’re trying to avoid a repeat of the Movie 17 situation where we took way too long to get the translation done and the regular episodes suffered too much as a result— Having one translator bouncing back and forth between a movie and weekly episodes ended up resulting in a really fast burnout and neither actually getting finished last time, so the only solution is to just get the movie translated as quickly as we can so he can go back to working on episodes. So that’s the status, and we’re aiming for a release in early June, though I make no promises.

And since status update announcements without anything are boring, Licca and I whipped up a 7-minute Doraemon short to give you guys since Doraemon is really easy to translate.

Doraemon 236 ‘What’ll happen at 7 PM?’: Zippy, Mega, Torrent




Conan Movie 17 1080p v3

Apparently there was a serious issue with the subtitle track in the 1080p version. Let’s fix that. (720p and SD were fine)

Mega, Torrent, Patch

This is the first time I’ve ever done a patch file for a sub, so my apologies if I screwed it up in any way.